Off-Cycle Students

Welcome back! We hope your last semester will be happy and productive.

Over the summer, we revised our website; we hope you like it! If you need a refresher on our concentration requirements, please go to “academics,” where you can find a list of requirements, the requirements explained, and sample focus fields and plans of study.

You should receive an email from your academic advisor by 12 noon on Monday, August 31st. If you have not heard from him or her by then, please call the Social Studies office at (617) 495-2163 to receive his or her contact information.

By 8 p.m. on the night before you first meet with your academic advisor for the year, or at a mutually agreed upon time, please email him or her a short (1-2 page) advising essay. Describe your academic interests and list goals, questions, concerns, and other information your advisor should know in order to do a good job advising you. If you are new to your relationship with your advisor, offer details about yourself (your background, your interests, your work habits). If you have already worked with your advisor, provide him or her with an update, including information that she or he may not already have (your summer experiences, changes in your family situation). And please answer the following questions: How do you hope to change and grow this year?  What would make this year a success for you (however you define success)? 

Please read the attached material carefully.  You are responsible for its contents.  Not having read the material is not a valid excuse for not having information or knowing deadlines. 

  1. Academic Advising Memo
  2. Memo on Title and Descriptive Paragraphs
  3. Senior Thesis Format and Presentation Memo
  4. Policy Regarding Late Theses, PLEASE READ CAREFULLY!
  5. Information on Oral Exams