What kind of support does Social Studies provide for its thesis writers?

The Committee on Degrees in Social Studies offers a thesis writer’s seminar to all seniors who wish to take it. Thesis writer’s seminars meet in small groups (8-9 students) every other week from late September to March. They are led by an experienced thesis supervisor, who guides students in discussions about the research process, organization, and writing, and provides students with an opportunity to exchange drafts of one another’s work. The seminar is intended to supplement individual thesis advising. The Thesis Writer’s Seminar is organized by Dr.

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If I decide that I do not want to write a senior thesis, what are my options?

To receive a degree recommendation from Social Studies, a student must write an acceptable senior thesis (one that receives a passing grade as the average of its two evaluations) and take the oral thesis defense and general examinations that follow.

If you have any doubts about your desire or ability to write a senior thesis, please speak to your advisor and the Director of Studies. If you decide not to write a thesis, you must transfer to another concentration and fulfill its requirements in order to graduate.