Carla Yumatle

Carla Yumatle

Lecturer on Social Studies
Carla Yumatle

Carla Yumatle is a Lecturer on Social Studies. Prior to completing her PhD at University of California, Berkeley, she received a master’s degree in Political Theory from London School of Economics. She has published on the work of Isaiah Berlin in History of Political Thought, and on pluralism (forthcoming). She is currently working on a comparative examination of liberalism in Latin America and the US. Her research areas include liberal theory, pluralism, political legitimacy, democratic theory, theories of rights and applied moral issues.

2013-14 Courses
Social Studies 10a (Fall)
Social Studies 98mf: Liberalism and Its Critics (Fall)
Freshman Seminar 48j: Moral and Political Issues in Contemporary Democracies (Spring)
Social Studies 10b (Spring)

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