Daniel Banks

Daniel Banks

Dunster House
Daniel Banks

Hello! My name is Danny and I'm a senior in Dunster House. Academically, I am passionate about the history of foreign policy and the institutions that govern international relations, as well as migration policy. I chose Social Studies (best decision yet) because I wanted to be free to study what I love and do so with a strong support network. When I'm not pondering the genealogy of morality or studying up on my good friend, Nietzsche, I'm either catching up on a good historical novel or planning my next meal. 

Academic Interests:
 European history, foreign policy, the Balkans, international law, European Union, comparative government, Italian, Spanish

Extracurricular Activities: Undergraduate Council (Student Initiatives Chair), Dunster House Committee, Honor Council, research assistantships in the Government Department and the Weatherhead Center for International Studies 

Career Goals: international law, foreign policy

Favorite Courses: Europe and its Others, British Revolutions, Intensive Italian, Advanced Spanish Language II: Viewing the Hispanic World, Presidential Power

Other Concentrations Considered: History, Government