Janice Jia

Janice Jia

Quincy House
Janice Jia

Before deciding on Social Studies, I felt like I knew I didn't want to concentrate in Social Studies. All I really knew was that it had an intense reading load. Freshman year, I became more interested in the social sciences. I went to the meetings where the differences between government, sociology, social studies, and some of the other concentrations were discussed, but I still didn't have a great grasp of what it all meant (but you should go to the meetings, gave me a good starting point). I left still confused about what would be right for me. I still thought that it would be silly to take Social Studies 10 and read what a bunch of old, dead, white guys wrote. 

Fast forward to sophomore year, I decided to at least shop Social Studies 10. Professor Frazer, who was teaching the class my sophomore year, talked about how tortured, but enlightened I would be by doing all the readings for this class and somehow I was hooked. I really enjoyed all the ideas the course explores and it has truly been the academic highlight of my time here at Harvard. 

Not everyone joins Social Studies for the same reasons. Personally, I really enjoyed Social Studies 10 and I liked how I could take classes from multiple fields and have it count towards my concentration. So if you don't know whether Social Studies is right for you, go shop Social Studies 10, talk to the staff, and contact me or any of the other PCAs!

Academic Interests:
 rapid urbanization, urban planning, design, China, social theory

Extracurricular Activities: Chinatown Afterschool with PBHA, Quincy HoCo, internship with WorldTeach

Career Goals: Non-profit, Graduate School, Urban Planning, Business

Favorite Courses: Social Studies 10, Chinese Bx/123xb/140, USW 29: Designing the American City, History of Science 129v: The Physical Sciences in Modern Society

Other Concentrations Considered: Sociology, History, East Asian Studies, Economics