Kathryn Bussey

Kathryn Bussey

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Kathryn Bussey

I came to Harvard thinking I wanted to do public health policy, and I thought I needed to attend medical school to make that happen. Realizing though that I could more directly pursue my interests by studying the social implications of health, I looked into a variety of concentrations and organizations on campus. Throughout my freshmen year, my interests developed to include other STEM areas, religion in politics, education, and American institutions. I wanted to knit as many of these together as I could in order to pursue my interests, and I discovered that I could create an interdisciplinary focus and accommodate all of my interests through Social Studies. After sophomore tutorial, my interests have evolved even further, and the flexibility of Social Studies creates an opportunity for my academic study to be continually inspired.

Academic Interests: education policy, civic technology, political engagement, religion and politics, STEM policy, social capital, American Politics 

Extracurricular Activities: Policy Program, Harvard Political Union, Institute of Politics, Illuminate (Harvard Ventures Conference), Native Americans at Harvard College

Career Goals: Law, Business Administration, Politics

Favorite Courses: Social Studies 10a/b, Gov 20: Foundations of Comparative Politics, Gov 1372: Political Psychology, Freshman Seminar 46w: Leadership and Negotiation, CB 31: An Historical Introduction to the Philosophy of Religion 

Other Concentrations Considered: Government, Religion, History, History and Science