Libby Newman

Libby Newman

Lecturer on Social Studies
Libby Newman

Libby Newman received her B.A. from The Evergreen State College and completed her Ph.D. at The New School for Social Research in 2009. Libby employs an interdisciplinary method in her research and teaching, bringing together normative political theory and empirical concerns in American politics, policy, and public law. Her forthcoming book "Liberalism in practice: The psychology and pedagogy of public reason" (The MIT Press, 2015) is motivated by a concern regarding the growing polarization and intransigence in American politics. Accordingly, the book develops an account of civic education which can train citizens to become able public reasoners committed to upholding an open and deliberative democratic process, in spite of their deep disagreements in other spheres. Libby’s current research asks if there could or should be a “right to know your rights,” exploring the philosophical and legal dimensions of such a right while also considering the political implications in contexts as diverse as voting rights, workers’ compensation, and end-of-life choices.

2014-15 Courses
Social Studies 10a (Fall)
Freshman Seminar 41x: Can Government Be "Good"? Ethics, Public Policy, and Tough Choices (Fall)
Social Studies 10b (Spring)
Social Studies 98ny: And Justice for All: Ethics and America's Schools (Spring) 

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