Libby Newman

Libby Newman

Lecturer on Social Studies
Libby Newman

Libby Newman received her B.A. from The Evergreen State College and completed her Ph.D. in political theory at The New School for Social Research in 2009. Libby's research interests include liberal theories of rights, children's rights, education, naturalized ethics and the challenges associated with establishing legitimacy in diverse liberal democracies. Her forthcoming book "Liberalism in practice: The psychology and pedagogy of public reason" (spring 2015) asks how students can be educated to become effective participants in democratic discourse, while also considering what kind of civic education is appropriate in a diverse polity. Her next project considers the form and epistemic status of rights, asking whether there is a “right to know your rights,” while also considering the practical implications of this question in the context of American politics.

2014-15 Courses
Social Studies 10a (Fall)
Freshman Seminar 41x: Can Government Be "Good"? Ethics, Public Policy, and Tough Choices (Fall)
Social Studies 10b (Spring)
Social Studies 98ny: And Justice for All: Ethics and America's Schools (Spring) 

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