Mary Grace Darmody

Mary Grace Darmody

Lowell House
Mary Grace Darmody

Social Studies was absolutely the right choice for me! The concentration has given me the ability to take classes that I love in a variety of departments. The department’s advising system and small classes make it easy to get to know your professors and mentors. When I studied abroad in South Africa during my junior fall, the Social Studies department was supportive and helpful at every step of the way. The concentration really helps its students grow academically and develop their interests.


Academic Interests: South African politics, transitional justice, income inequality, women’s rights

Extracurricular Activities: PAFing, Strong Women Strong Girls, Harvard College Democrats

Career Goals: Human rights law, political advocacy, international development

Favorite Courses: Africa Rising? New African Economies/ Cultures and Their Global Implications, Social Studies 10, The American Presidency, The Political Economy of Africa

Other Concentrations Considered: Sociology, Economics, Government, ESPP