Melissa Hammer

Melissa Hammer

Eliot House
Melissa Hammer

Academic Interests: U.S. history, Foundations of government, Constitutions, Revolutions, Political theory, Legal theory

Extracurricular Activities: Eliot House Committee, Mainly Jazz Dance Company, CityStep, Harvard Public Opinion Project and WIL mentoring at the IOP

Career Goals: Education, Law, Academia, Public Service

Favorite Courses: Freshman Seminar 40i: The Supreme Court in U.S. History, Anthro 1672: Legal Anthropology, French S-100: Paris and its Revolutions, Gov 1074: Political Thought of the American Founding, Gov 1430: The Politics of Personal Data, Sociol 177: Poverty in America, SPU 20: What is Life? From Quarks to Consciousness, Social Studies 10

Other Concentrations Considered: Economics, Anthropology, Government