Terah Lyons

Terah Lyons

Terah  Lyons

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Academic Interests: Government/Politics, International Relations, Economics, Political & Legal Philosophy,The Sociology of Public Leadership, Gender and Underrepresentation in Politics and Business, Education, Astrophysics 

Extracurricular Activities: Research Assistant to David Gergen at the Kennedy School of Government, policy consult for the Office of Undergraduate Education, The Institute of Politics, the Harvard Alumni Association, Crew 

Career Interests: Interests in speech writing, possibly Law School/PhD, Public Interest/Civil Rights Law, Public Service, Advocacy

Favorite Courses: Social Studies 10a/b: Introduction to Social Studies, MLD-325: Becoming a Leader, A-129: The Federal Government in Schools, SW-25: Health, Culture, and Community: Case Studies in Global Health, Social Studies 40: Philosophy and Methods of the Social Sciences, Social Studies 98mg: Global Distributive Justice

Other Concentrations Considered: Government, Human Regenerative and Developmental Biology, Economics

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