Zak Lutz

Zak Lutz

Winthrop House
Zak Lutz

Social Studies courses examine the foundations of the social sciences--for example, instead of learning about what "supply and demand" means for economic policy, Social Studies examines that model's history and premises. This focus on foundations and methodologies has greatly increased my ability to think clearly about social science questions, and to understand why we think what we think.



Academic Interests: Political Philosophy, Social Theory, Ethics, American Politics & History

Extracurricular Activities: Harvard Political Union, Change-Magazine

Career Interests: Academia, Law

Favorite Courses: Social Studies 10ab: Intro to Social Studies, EMR17: Deductive Logic, Gov94hk: Early Development of American Political Institutions, Hist1323: German Social Thought, Nietzsche to Habermas, A&I59: Nazi Cinema

Other Concentrations Considered: Philosophy (doing a joint), Government, Economics