Cross-Registration for Concentration Credit

Social Studies will give concentration credit for cross-registered courses taught at the Kennedy School or the Graduate School of Education and for some courses at the School of Public Health. We also generally approve courses in the social sciences or history taught at MIT. As Law School courses are graded on a high pass/pass/fail system, and as all concentration courses in Social Studies must be taken for a letter grade, we do not give concentration credit for courses taken at Harvard Law School. 

To receive concentration credit for a cross-registered course, please fill out the Concentration Credit Petition for Cross Registered Courses form on the Registrar's website. Your form will need to be approved by the Director of Studies, Anya Bassett.

Receiving concentration credit for a cross-registered course does not imply that the course will be part of your focus field. Cross-registered courses may be part of a focus field, but this determination will be made when your focus field is approved in your junior and senior years. 

Students must submit their petitions to the Registrar by the 5th Monday of the term in which they take the cross-registered course in order to receive concentration credit.