Basia Rosenbaum

Basia Rosenbaum

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Basia Rosenbaum

I chose to study Social Studies because the topic that I am interested in--counterterrorism--cannot be distilled into a single field. While terrorism is, of course, a political issue, there are all sorts of other factors that contribute to counterterrorism efforts. Along with Government, I am interested in Religion, Anthropology and Sociology courses. I also chose Social Studies because of a wonderful PCA who told me about the concentration  and convinced me that it was a good fit for my interests. 

Academic Interests:
 counterterrorism, the Middle East, economic development, religion

Extracurricular Activities: Harvard International Review (HIR), Harvard Program for International Education (HPIE), CARE, Harvard Hillel 

Career Goals: International relations, diplomacy, intelligence 

Favorite Courses: Government 20: Foundations of Comparative Politics, Social Studies 10, Government 1732: The Origins of Modern War, Ethical Reasoning 42: Sexual Ethics as Ethical Reasoning 

Other Concentrations Considered: Government, History, Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations