Ben Bryant

Ben Bryant

Dunster House
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Like many younger Harvard students, I came to school not really having any concrete idea about what I wanted to do or study. I've always been interested in people and public policy, so for a while, I thought I'd want to concentrate in Sociology, Government, or Economics. But then I learned a little bit more about what Social Studies had to offer. Sitting at the intersection between all of the social sciences, Social Studies provides its concentrators with the opportunity to study social relationships and dictate, through our focus fields, exactly how we want to shape our education. The generalist approach Social Studies encourages for its concentrators truly makes it one of the most unique and fulfilling concentrations on campus. As I head into my senior year and prepare to write a thesis on how Racial Capitalism has manifested, I feel like I’ve found a wonderful home in the Social Studies department.

Academic Interests: Criminal Justice Reform, Education, Leadership, Racial Capitalism, Socio-political Inequalities, and other Public Policy considerations

Extracurricular Activities: Harvard Men's Soccer (varsity), Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) Representative, Harvard Square Homeless Shelter, HKS Institute of Politics (IOP)

Career Goals: Law School, Social Impact work