Calvin Duran

Calvin Duran

Cabot House
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Coming into Harvard as a freshman, advisors and faculty consistently reminded me to make Harvard my own unique experience. I was thoroughly interested in the social sciences, and I enjoyed my first year surveying different classes and departments. However, it was not until I came across Social Studies that I realized that there was an opportunity to truly individualize and structure my own education throughout my four years here. From examining a variety of schools of thought in Social Studies 10 to enrolling in any social science course towards my concentration, I found myself immersed in unprecedented academic freedom. Through an interdisciplinary education, Social Studies endows its students with practical skills and the ability to think critically about the most pressing social problems around them.

Academic Interests: International Development, Globalization, Inequality, Colonialism

Extracurriculars: Cabot House Committee, Latinxs in Finance & Technology, Democracy Matters

Career goals: Business, Technology

Favorite Courses: SW 34: The Caribbean, SOCSTD 10A/B: Introduction to Social Studies, PSY 18: Abnormal Psychology

Other Concentrations Considered: Economics, Sociology, History


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