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Carly McIntosh

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I had a hard time choosing a concentration. I had a broad interest in the Social Sciences and big questions like “what could alternatives to the current prison system look like?” and “how should we define justice?”  I wasn’t sure which discipline would best answer those questions because they all seemed to offer unique and valuable insight. In hindsight, Social Studies was the obvious answer. At the time, however, it was barely on my radar. 

I felt underqualified for Social Studies. I was particularly nervous about the economics, statistics, and Social Studies 10 requirements. However, with encouragement from my advisors and friends, I signed up for 10a in my sophomore fall.

As a Social Studies concentrator, I get to explore my academic interests in several departments. So far, I’ve taken focus field classes in the History of Science, Anthropology, Sociology, and African and African American Studies departments, and I have loved them all! Even some of the requirements I dreaded, turned out to be my favorite classes. 

So, if you are interested in the department, but nervous about the rigor, please reach out and ask questions! Social Studies! Is! Doable!


Academic interests: Social and political responses to crime, Prison Abolition, Education Equity, and Income Inequality

Extracurricular Interests: Harvard Organization of Prison Education and Reform, KUUMBA Singers of Harvard College, Alberta V Scott Mentorship Program, Association of Black Harvard Women (ABHW)

Career Goals: Law, Non Profit Work