Christian Kardish

Christian Kardish

Eliot House
Christian Kardish

As an incoming freshman, I had a firm plan to study either Computer Science or Economics during my time at Harvard. However, like so many other students, my original academic plans were foiled once I discovered that my interests were not limited to just one specific field. I found myself developing a fascination with criminal law and psychology, and eventually planned on applying for a Special Concentration in Criminology. But as I talked to more advisors about my interests, I realized that the Social Studies department has a premier advising system in addition to providing the same flexibility and freedom that I would have in my own special concentration, and thus I decided to concentrate in Social Studies to take advantage of its broad offerings and incredible support.

What I enjoy most about Social Studies is the ability to focus on one particular field of study while also having the freedom to diversify one’s courses in other social science departments. If you find enjoyment in the social sciences but your academic interests expand beyond one particular department, Social Studies is the concentration for you!

Academic Interests: Psychology, Education, Criminal Law, Government, Social Theory

Extracurricular Activities: Men’s Lightweight Crew, Shelving Assistant at Widener Library

Career Goals: FBI Agent, Lawyer, Public Service

Favorite Courses: SOCIOL 133: War, Revolution, and Organized Crime; ETHRSN 40: History of Human Rights; PSY 15: Social Psychology; ANTHRO 1202: Forensic Anthropology)

Other Concentrations Considered: Special Concentration (Criminology), Economics, Computer Science

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