Daniel Debois

Daniel Debois

Quincy House
Daniel  Debois

I’ve never looked back on my decision to concentrate in Social Studies. The department ensures individualized attention, the tutorials cover a wide range of interesting and important thinkers, and the concentration allows for an individualized plan of study that best meets your academic interests. The sophomore tutorial really pushed me to think and write more critically, and I’ve come out of it feeling much more confident in my academic abilities. There are a lot of good reasons to study Social Studies, so I’d encourage everyone to at least consider it!

Academic Interests: Public Policy, American Politics, Political Theory, Democratic Theory


Extracurricular Activities: Harvard College Debating Union, Civics, IOP Economic Policy Program, IOP Research Assistant



Career Goals: law, public policy, politics

Favorite Courses: Government 94AH: Is Democracy History or Destiny, Social Studies 68ec: Education and Community in America, Social Studies 10a & 10b

Other Concentrations Considered: Government, Economics

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