David Hernandez

David Hernandez

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The biggest obstacle I had when choosing a concentration was that I wanted to concentrate in everything. Every department was so interesting in its own way and I wasn’t yet ready to close the door on what each had to offer. Social Studies gave me a way to take classes in every single social science department. As a social studies concentrator, I’m not loyal to a particular discipline, but rather use many of them in order to study a particular area or issue. This individualized plan of study allows me to study what I find most exciting with tools varying from the economics department to the history department. Social Studies has prepared me to do what I love most: solve problems.

Academic Interests: Income Inequality, Education, Urban Poverty, Immigration, Segregation, Public Policy

Extracurricular Activities: CIVICS, Peer Advising Fellow, Latino Men’s Collective

Career goals: Law, Public Policy

Favorite Courses: USW35: Dilemmas of Equity and Excellence in American K-12 Education, ECON1800: Economics of Cities, SOCSTD:10a/b: Introduction to Social Studies

Other Concentrations Considered: Government, Economics