Don Tontiplaphol

Don Tontiplaphol

Course Director
Preceptor in Social Studies
Don Tontiplaphol

As the Course Director for the Sophomore Tutorial—SOC-STD 10—Dr. Tontiplaphol can be contacted with questions regarding the general content of the course as well as its administrative aspects.

I’m the Course Director for the Sophomore Tutorial and the Preceptor in the Philosophy and Methods of the Social Sciences. I teach in SOC-STD 10—the history of modern social theory—and, for AY 2018-2019, I am the course head (along with Dr. Tracey Rosen) of SOC-STD 40, which centers on contemporary issues in the philosophy and methodology of the social sciences.  

My research centers on Aristotle and neo-Aristotelianism, especially its implications for contemporary work in virtue ethics, democratic theory, and the philosophy of practical rationality and human agency. My current book project seeks to resolve core puzzles in Aristotle’s political thought—and thereby to unify his ethical and political thought—by defending a family of positions in the philosophy of action. A second major project concerns the significance of the philosophy of action for contemporary democratic theory and applied ethics.

Prior to taking up my current post in Social Studies, I was a Visiting Lecturer in Law, Jurisprudence, and Social Thought at Amherst College; the Harvard College Fellow in Social Studies; and a Lecturer on Social Studies. I currently serve, for Social Studies, on the Board of Advisers and the Board of Instruction; and also, for Harvard College, on the Board of Freshman Advisers. 

B.A., Yale (philosophy and political science); Ph.D., Harvard (political philosophy).

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2019-20 Courses
Social Studies 10a: Introduction to Social Studies (Fall)
Social Studies 60: Methods Training for Social and Political Theorists (Fall)
Social Studies 10b: Introduction to Social Studies (Spring)

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