Eloise Ackman

Eloise Ackman

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Social Studies has been the best academic decision I have made at Harvard. Social Studies 10a and 10b have been two of my favorite courses. They have changed the way that I view the world. The tutorial leaders are fantastic and the discussions in class are extremely thought-provoking. In addition, you form lasting friendships with other students in tutorial as well as lecture. I originally came to Harvard thinking that I would study history, particularly in relation to the U.S. Supreme Court. After taking social studies 10, though, I discovered social and political theory and these are now what I intend to focus on. Social Studies gives you the flexibility to figure out what you want to study and provides you with different lens through which you can view your desired object of study. It also leaves you room to take classes in other subjects that you might find interesting.

Academic Interests: German, French, and English political and social thought, the United States Supreme Court, American History, Government

Extracurricular Activities: Women’s Heavyweight Crew, Harvard Political Review

Favorite Courses: American Political Thought (Gov 1080), Social Studies 10, Modern Political Philosophy (Gov1061)

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