Ethan McCollister

Ethan McCollister

Winthrop House
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I initially found Social Studies through its central course, the sophomore tutorial “An Introduction to Social Studies.” The year-long class guides students through large collection of the most significant texts and thinkers to social theory. As I read through the syllabus, I remember thinking that Social Studies 10 seemed unlike anything I had learned before, but also essential for a well-rounded education. Now, having just finished the course, it has proven to be one the most enriching academic experiences of my college career, and I firmly believe that it can be a positive source of development and learning for anyone, regardless of their previous interest in theory. In addition, I have found Social Studies as a whole to be an incredible concentration. Both students and faculty have an impressively diverse set of interests, which characterizes Social Studies’ signature interdisciplinary approach. This was the main reason I chose Social Studies as my concentration, for while I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to study (which is not at all atypical!) I knew that I loved to learn in a comprehensive manner, examining something in different ways and from varied perspectives. Social Studies is the perfect place to do this.

Academic Interests: Energy, Social Justice, Sports

Extracurricular Activities: Harvard College Democrats, Harvard Consulting on Business and the Environment, Franklin Fellowship, Club Baseball, Bureau of Study Council Peer Tutor

Career goals: Sports, Public Service

Favorite Courses: Social Studies 10a/b, HIST 1910: The History of Energy, AFAM 10: Intro to African-American Studies, Stat 109: Intro to Statistical Modelling, FRSEMR 37U: Bob Dylan