Hayley Jaffe

Hayley Jaffe

Adams House
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Hi! My name is Hayley, and I am a rising junior in Adams House! When I was deciding on a concentration in the fall of my sophomore year, I was incredibly torn between Government, History, and Women & Gender Studies. I had taken awesome classes in each of these three departments and could see myself concentrating in any of them. Unwilling to choose just one, I decided upon Social Studies. Despite the fact that I initially chose Social Studies mainly out of indecision, I have come to love this concentration and the fact that it allows me to pursue and intertwine all of my academic interests.

Academically, I want to focus on the intersection between religion, gender, and authoritarianism. Social Studies has not only allowed me to take classes which have furthered my interest in these topics but has also given me the tools with which to more critically think about them.

Outside of the classroom, I am the President of the Harvard Fallen Angels, an all-female a cappella group on campus, volunteer through PBHA’s Strong Women, Strong Girls program, and am a member of Smart Women Securities.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions!

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