Humza Jilani

Humza Jilani

Winthrop House
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When I thought about what I wanted to concentrate it in, I struggled with finding a way to balance all of the diverse interests I had in mind. I wanted to delve into the nuances of political theory, analyze macroeconomic trends, and explore sociology all at the same time. Fortunately, Social Studies provides me the freedom to dive into all of my various interests in the social sciences while empowering me to craft my own path of study within my focus field. I am not restricted to any single discipline; I can use the various perspectives and lenses from the different departments to inform my own questions of interest. That said, however, social studies can appear quite daunting at first. But the incredible support network, from the immensely fascinating teaching staff to the eager peers around you, have played a huge role in helping me find my grounding in the concentration and explore the issues I care most about. 

Academic Interests: Democracy, Nationalism, Ethnicity, Political Theory, Inequality 

Extracurricular Activities: Belfer Center research assistant, Harvard College Debating Union

Career Goals: Law, Public Policy

Other concentrations considered: Government, History & Literature, History, Philosophy 

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