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Ilana Cohen

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As a thinker, activist, and writer, I have truly found the Social Studies experience to be a singularly transformative one. Social studies gives me both the theoretical foundation and the academic freedom I need to explore an area of philosophical and normative inquiry that remains dramatically under-represented in higher academia and integrates elements of various conventional concentrations: the ethics of climate and environmental policymaking. I aim to explore questions such as what we owe to climate refugees and future generations, as well as to critically examine how our moral obligations would bear upon our political decision-making. Now, I am hopeful that my passion and experience as a Social Studies concentrator can help me guide my younger peers interested in the department and show them all that Social Studies has to offer, as well as to be a personal resource for them in their own unique academic journeys. 


Joint Concentration: Social Studies & Philosophy (focus field: ethics of environmental policymaking & climate change) 

Secondary Field: Energy & Environment 

Extracurricular Activities: Fossil Fuel Divest Harvard, Harvard Political Review, Edmond J. Safra Undergraduate Fellowship 

Career goals: Journalism, Public Service, Government

Favorite Courses: Social Studies 10a/b, Phil 24: "Ethics of Climate Change", EMR 135 "Climate Migration", Gov 94: "Political Economy of the Environment", Gov 94: Safra Undergraduate Fellow