Jacqueline Zoeller

Jacqueline Zoeller

Adams House
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Hi!  My name is Jacqueline Zoeller.  I am a junior in Adams House from St. Louis, Missouri.  During my first year at Harvard, I considered a few different concentrations, and I could not be happier that I chose Social Studies!  Within Social Studies, I am pursuing a focus field in indigenous studies in the United States.  I am Pueblo and have always been interested in learning about indigeneity from the academic and historical perspective, since I experience my heritage from a very specific personal and cultural perspective every day.  This department encourages me to pursue my interests freely while still providing certain parameters that guide me along the way.  I never feel limited to one discipline, as I get to take many different kinds of courses related to my focus field of study.  Plus, the faculty is so supportive.

My biggest piece of advice: if you are at all considering Social Studies, take Social Studies 10.  This course not only pushed me to think and write in new ways, but it also really allowed me to bond with my tutorial and form lasting friendships.  Please reach out if you have any questions about Social Studies!


Academic interests: indigenous studies, U.S. history, public policy, film studies

Other concentrations considered: History, History & Literature

Favorite courses: Social Studies 10a and 10b, DPI 710 (HKS)


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