Lev Asimow

Lev Asimow

Mather House
Lev Asimow

Social Studies has been everything I wanted in a concentration. Rather than constraints and hoops to jump through, I've found a flexible and broad framework within which to pursue my academic interests. As work in continental philosophy and critical theory defies easy categorization into a single discipline, being free to traverse the boundaries of one single department has been crucial to my ability to study this material in depth. And the interdisciplinary nature of Social Studies has genuinely pushed me to broaden my horizons and consider what doing social theory really entails. There are lots of paths to Social Studies, and lots of paths through it, and I'm confident many Harvard students will find in Social Studies a challenging and rewarding academic experience.

Academic Interests: Continental Philosophy, Critical Theory, Existentialism, Psychoanalysis, European Intellectual History

Extracurricular Activities: Harvard Debate Council, Harvard Review of Philosophy, Harvard Undergraduate Legal Committee, Distance Running

Favorite Courses: History 1323 (German Social Thought: Nietzsche to Habermas), History 1324 (French Social Thought: Durkheim to Foucault), Social Studies 10B (Introduction to Social Studies), Complit 274 (Politics of Aesthetics: Worlds, Objects, Matter, Sensation), Religion 57 (Faith & Authenticity: Religion, Existentialism and the Human Condition)

Other Concentrations Considered: Philosophy

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