Lucy Wickings

Lucy Wickings

Currier House
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Hi! My name is Lucy (she/her/hers) and I am a rising Senior in Currier House, joint concentrating in Social Studies and WGS. I also have a citation in Spanish. As an FGLI student, I was initially worried about the accessibility of Social Studies and I was super intimidated by Social Studies 10. We were told on the first day of 10a that our main concern should be academics if we were going to concentrate in Social Studies. I wondered what this meant for me as a student who has to work multiple jobs to support myself, while also committed to doing public service in the Mission Hill community, and hoping to branch out socially. But I did it, without having to sacrifice any of the things I cared about doing. And you can too! Feel free to reach out if you have concerns like I did, because it is possible.

My focus field has shifted a lot, but as of now I am studying care networks and community dynamics of parenthood, with the lens of economic, racial, and gender inequality in the United States.

Academic Interests: Immigration, Filipinx studies, economic inequality, gender & sexuality, education

Extracurriculars: Mission Hill After School Program, Chan STRIDE Service Program, PBHA, Half Asian People's Association (HAPA), Dorm Crew

Career Plans: Human rights law, or teaching

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