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Sarah Shamoon

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Welcome to Social Studies! If you are looking for an intellectually rigorous, close knit, and supportive concentration you have come to right place!! Within Social Studies my focus field is American education policy and I’m pursuing a secondary in Global Health and Health Policy and a language citation in Spanish. Freshman year I knew I wanted to study something to do with public policy and education but I wasn’t sure how to go about it with the specific requirements in Government and History.  After hearing from a PCA my freshman spring detail the classes he took and subject of his thesis, both of which precisely matched my interdisciplinary interests I realized Social Studies was the department for me. 

My best piece of advice is that if you think you are at all  even vaguely interested in concentrating in Social Studies take 10A in the fall. 

Academic Interests: Public policy, education, healthcare, American history, journalism 

Extracurricular Activities: Harvard Political Review, Institute of Politics, Harvard Radcliffe Dramatic Club, Hillel, HPU, CIVICS 

Other concentrations considered: History, Government, History and Literature 

Favorite Courses: Social Studies 10, Education Justice Gov 1033, Infectious Diseases and Social Injustice GenEd 1129 (formerly Global Infectious Diseases SLS 26)