Sophie Feldman

Sophie Feldman

Mather House
Sophie Feldman
Hi! My name is Sophie Stromswold Feldman, and I’m a senior in Mather House, originally hailing from New Jersey. I’m very excited to share my thoughts, insights, and help to students considering Social Studies. While I didn’t come into Harvard planning on becoming a Social Studies concentrator, I’m very glad I did. Social Studies is a challenging major, but it’s also incredibly rewarding. It’s full of smart, supportive people, and as a PCA, I want to help foster the same sense of community that welcomed me and my friends as a sophomore. 

In addition to Social Studies, I’m also pursuing a secondary in Linguistics (Language, Mind, and Brain track) and a citation in Norwegian. My current focus field explores narratives of immigration in Europe, with a focus on Scandinavia. 

Academic Interests: migration to and from Europe, political polarization, women in politics, child development, and sociolinguistics 

Extracurriculars: The Harvard Undergraduate Disability Justice Club, The Human Rights Working Group, the Jewish Outing Club, Harvard National MUN, the Harvard College International Negotiation Program, and the Office of Public Interest Advising at Harvard Law School 

Favorite Courses: US-World 32: “Religion in Multicultural America”, Expos 20, “Sexism and Politics”, Social Studies 10B, Linguistics 132, “Psychosemantics”, and Social Studies 50: “Foundation of Social Science Research”

Other Concentrations Considered: Linguistics, Government, and Sociology 

Talk to me about: balancing school and life, careers in nonprofits and teaching, navigating the Accessible Education Office, and finding a focus field that works for you