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Trey Rogers

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I enrolled in Social Studies 10a with no intention of becoming a concentrator (I was secretly planning to defect to the History department), but now, two semesters later, I'm a member of the Social Studies summer program in Greece, a student advisor to the department, and a true fanboy of Durkheim and Habermas.  Sufficed to say I have fallen in love with the concentration and the department.  The interdisciplinary nature of Social Studies allows for some flexibility in the curriculum, and the focus on a senior thesis provides an opportunity for more targeted research and study.  But the true gem of the Social Studies department is in the faculty; nowhere else have I found such an active, thoughtful, and devout group of professors and tutors who are genuinely invested in their students' progress.  I'm sure the History department is great, but I'm forever thankful I wandered into Social Studies!


Academic Interests: Urban development, Populism in America, The Rural/Urban Divide, American History and Politics

Extracurricular Activities: Pianist for the Harvard-Radcliffe Collegium Musicum, Singer in the Din and Tonics, Member of the Honor Council, PAF, writer on the Crimson Editorial Board

Favorite Courses: Humanities 10a/10b, Social Studies 10a/10b, Chem20, The Democracy Project

Other Concentrations Considered: English, Hist & Lit, History, Philosophy, Chemistry, Molecular and Cellular Biology

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