Kate Anable

Kate Anable

Director of Administration and Operations
Undergraduate Program Administrator

Kate Anable is the Director of Administration and Operations, and the Undergraduate Program Administrator. As Director of Administration, she oversees all administrative and financial operations of the department, including human resources, budget management, and staffing. As the Undergraduate Program Administrator, she is available to first years and sophomores interested in concentrating in Social Studies, as well as concentrators in need of general advising or help with student records. She serves on the Board of Advisors, Board of Instruction, and Board of Freshmen Advisors. 

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Anya Bernstein Bassett

Anya Bernstein Bassett

Director of Undergraduate Studies
Senior Lecturer on Social Studies

Anya Bernstein Bassett is the Director of Studies in Social Studies and a Senior Lecturer. She is available for general academic advising as well as for discussions with students who wish to pursue joint concentrations, independent studies, unusual paths within Social Studies, or who have concerns about their progress or ideas about how the concentration can be improved. Dr. Bassett should be contacted by students who have questions about the lottery system for junior tutorials or general questions and concerns about the junior tutorial program. She also coordinates the senior tutorial program and is available to students who have concerns about their senior theses or questions about the honors process. Students should email Dr. Bassett directly to make appointments.... Read more about Anya Bernstein Bassett

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