Concentration Requirements

Course Title Substitution/Waiver
Social Studies 10a --
Social Studies 10b --
Social Studies 98 (1) --
Social Studies 98 (2) *Or approved paper from semester abroad
Social Studies 99 (Fall) --
Social Studies 99 (Spring) --
Statistics *Or a 5 on the AP Stats 
Social Studies 50 or 60 *Or approved philosophy/methods course
Economics --
Focus Field 1 (Historical) --
Focus Field 2 --
Focus Field 3 --
Focus Field 4 --
Focus Field 5 (optional) --
Focus Field 6 (optional) --

Courses for Concentration Credit

In addition to the above courses, all courses taken in departments with which Social Studies shares faculty (anthropology, economics, government, history, and sociology) as well as general education courses in ethical reasoning, Societies of the World, or US in the World will be counted toward concentration credit or, “conc’d” unless a student successfully petitions to have a course “unconc’d” for use in a secondary field.  All courses taken for Social Studies credit must be taken for a letter grade.

For general information, visit the Harvard College Social Studies Handbook for Students.