Jesus College, Cambridge

Jesus Collegephoto by Johanna Lee '16

This is a unique study abroad opportunity for second semester juniors who are Social Studies concentrators. For one Harvard semester, up to four students travel to Cambridge, England where they study with professors at Jesus College from January-June, which corresponds to the British terms of Lent and Easter.

This program demands significant self-direction and academic focus from students, who generate their own potential program of study and are matched to appropriate faculty at Cambridge who supervise students through one-on-one and small-group based coursework. Students take four courses during the two British terms they are in residence at Jesus, generally completing two supervised reading courses and writing two supervised long essays.

Between terms, there is a 5-week break which many students use for travel around the region. Students live in student-appropriate housing arranged through the help of Jesus College administrators and have the opportunity to participate in the local social environment and Cambridge University undergraduate college life through involvement in extracurricular clubs or other activities.  

Participation in the Social Studies at Jesus Program is competitive, and the selection of participating students is made during the spring semester of interested students’ sophomore year at Harvard.

The application for the 2022-23 program is due on April 22, 2022.

For more information about studying abroad as a Social Studies student, please contact Associate Director of Studies Nicole Newendorp.