Summer Teaching Internship in Greece

Summer 2021 online, with possible travel to Greece in Jan. 2022

OCS info session: January 14th, 2-2:30pm, here

This program, organized by Harvard's Center for Hellenic Studies, funds 4 Harvard students to work as teaching fellows (TFs) in a seminar on Social Theory addressed to high school students, from July 1-16, 2020, in Nafplio, Greece, a small city on the Mediterranean coast with a rich cultural heritage. The seminar is entitled “Introduction to the Study of Humanity” and covers similar themes and texts to those of Social Studies 10. 

The TFs will have the opportunity to increase their knowledge and skills and to coordinate, guide, and support high school students with little or no previous exposure to university methods of studying texts, writing essays, conducting surveys, and preparing presentations. The fellowship includes two phases: the preparation of the seminar (March-April, in Cambridge MA), and the seminar itself (July 1-16, in Nafplio, Greece). The TFs will be working closely with Nicolas Prevelakis, Tracey Rosen, and Don Tontiplaphol.

Due to the current pandemic, the program will take place via Zoom. If conditions allow it, a follow-up in-person final session of the program may be organized in Greece, during the academic year 2021–2022. In this case, CHS will cover the TFs' international airfare, as well as transportation and accommodation in Greece. CHS will offer a stipend of up to $1,250 to the Teaching Fellows for their participation, work, and contributions to the program.

Concentrators from all Harvard departments are eligible, but Social Studies students are particularly welcome due to their studies’ relevance to the thematic areas of the summer program. The whole program is in English. No knowledge of Greek is required. The deadline for applying is Feb.14

Application link and detailed information about the program is here
OCS info session: January 14th, 2-2:30pm, here
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