Late Policy

[Please note: this policy reflects the possibility that you will be submitting your thesis entirely electronically. If you are able to turn in a hard copy of your thesis, you will be required to turn in the hard copy by 2 p.m. on Thesis Day and to upload a PDF of your thesis to the Social Studies 99b course website within 24 hours after that.]

Social Studies does not like to impose penalties, and we hope that the policy spelled out here will not have to be applied to any senior.  Nevertheless, for the record, this sheet describes the Social Studies policy on late senior theses. This policy is in line with the penalty policies of social science concentrations.

The deadline for uploading your thesis is 2:00 p.m. on Thesis Day.

Essays submitted after that time will be penalized severely. Theses are graded on a Latin scale (summa, magna, cum, no honors). A penalty of one third of a grade (e.g. magna to magna minus) will be imposed for the first three hours that a thesis is late. An additional penalty of one third of a grade will be taken for every 24 hours that a thesis is late after that. The 24-hour period resets each day at 2 p.m. Penalties accumulate such that a thesis submitted a week or more late may fail to receive honors.

Penalties will be waived exclusively in cases of documented medical illness or grave family emergency; students should consult with Anya Bassett, the Director of Studies, in that event. Missed alarm clocks, crashed computers, slow printers, and paper jams are not considered valid causes for extensions. You should plan to have the first draft of your thesis finished three weeks before the due date to allow enough time for revisions, proofreading, and printing.