University-wide Funding Sources

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Funding for Social Studies Concentrators

The Eaton and Woods funds, which are specific to Social Studies students, are administered by the Harvard College Research Program. Students who apply to the HCRP will automatically be considered for these funds.

The Susan C. Eaton Research Fund in Organizing, Leadership and Social Change 

The Eaton award was established in memory of Susan C. Eaton, A.B. 1979, M.P.A. 1993, by friends and classmates. Eaton graduated magna cum laude in Social Studies with the first (and only!) group senior thesis entitled “Direct Action Organizing in the 1970s.” She spent twelve years as an organizer, negotiator and supervisor of field services for the Service Employees International Union. A former Bunting Fellow at Radcliffe, Eaton earned her Ph.D. from MIT and taught work organization, human resources management, and health care policy at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government from 2000 until her death in 2003.The fund was established with initial gifts from “the gang of five,” the women who wrote the collective social studies thesis with her in 1979 (Adair Dammann, Sarah Royce, Karen Scharff and Stephanie Van Dyke).

The purpose of this current-use fund will be to provide senior thesis research grants to students in Social Studies undertaking thesis projects related to organizing for social change. Preference will be given to projects in the areas of labor organizing, women’s organizations, or women as leaders of social change—fields that directly relate to Susan Eaton’s interests. Preference will also be given to students whose research will include their own direct involvement in organizing. Students supported by the fund will be called Susan C. Eaton Organizing Scholars.

The James D. Woods Fellowship

The Woods Fellowship in Social Studies was established in memory of James D. ‘Trey’ Woods, A.B. 1985 by friends and classmates with an initial gift from Hope M. Harrison, A.B. 1985. The purpose of the fund is to provide senior thesis research grants to students in Social Studies. Preference will be given to thesis projects in the areas of communications, popular culture, and issues of gender and sexuality, the fields in which Trey Woods made his contributions. Recipients should also demonstrate a zest for life and personal engagement in contemporary issues. Student supported by the fund will be called James D. Woods Research Fellows.