Jonathan Hansen

Jonathan Hansen

Senior Lecturer on Social Studies
Faculty Associate, David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies
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Jonathan Hansen is Senior Lecturer on Social Studies and Faculty Associate, David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies. An intellectual historian, he is the author of The Lost Promise of Patriotism: Debating American Identity, 1890-1920 (Chicago, 2003) and Guantanamo: An American History (Hill and Wang, 2011), along with articles, op-eds, and book reviews on U.S. imperialism, nationalism, cosmopolitanism, and race and ethnicity. His new book YOUNG CASTRO, based on archival research in Cuba, Mexico, and Spain, among other places, is forthcoming from Simon & Schuster.

In recent years, Hansen has taught SS10, a junior tutorial on "Justice and Reconciliation after Mass Violence," a freshman seminar on PTSD in American history, and (with Robert Mnookin) seminars at Harvard Law School on reconciliation with Cuba and intractable conflicts. Born in Philadelphia and educated at Haverford College and Boston University, Hansen spends part of every summer in Rwanda, where he in conversation with sources there about writing a biography of Rwandan president Paul Kagame. The problem of peace and reconciliation in Rwanda informs Hansen's work and teaching in Social Studies and at HLS.


2019-20 Courses
Social Studies 10a: Introduction to Social Studies (Fall)
Social Studies 10b: Introduction to Social Studies (Spring) 
Social Studies 98nd: Justice and Reconciliation after Mass Violence (Spring)


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