Luke Messac profile photoLuke Messac '08, Emergency Medicine Resident Physician
Thesis Title: Lazarus at America's Doorstep: Explaining U.S. Federal Appropriations for Global HIV/AIDS Programs

“Almost every day, it seems, I hear Marx or Smith or de Beauvoir invoked, often with great laziness and imprecision. I'm so glad I had the rare opportunity to read these works deeply, with expert guidance. … Today I am an emergency medicine doctor in Rhode Island. Not too many of my colleagues know what Social Studies is, but as one of my favorite physician mentors once said when I told him what I had studied in college, ‘Those in the know, know.’”


Rebecca Podolsky profile photoRebecca Podolsky '03, Obsetrician-Gynecologist
Thesis Title: Uncertain Victory: The Pro-Choice Movement, 1992-2000

“The highlight of my experience in Social Studies was researching and writing my senior thesis about the reproductive rights movement. I loved immersing myself in the subject matter I found so fascinating. Ultimately, this experience also led me (albeit in a pretty roundabout way) to my career in medicine.”


Krishnan Subrahmanian profile photoKrishnan Subrahmanian '03, Pediatrician
Thesis Title: Send In the Clowns: Humor, Medicine, and the Big Apple Circus Clown Care Unit

On countless occasions, from my marriage to my work with young people to conversations at the coffee shop, the readings, the methods and the lessons of Social Studies have offered me a chance connect with other human beings about really core tenets such as faith, freedom, love and meaning.”