Julia Appel profile photoJulia Appel '04Senior Jewish Educator and Campus Rabbi, University of Toronto
Thesis Title: Feminism Makes a Splash at the Mikvah: Non-Orthodox Jewish Women Reinterpret Niddah Ritual

“I use what I learned in Social Studies every day. Part of my job is to translate the world for university students and to help them find their place in it, religiously, culturally, personally. In my one-on-one work with people, I often interpret back to them their own experiences.”


Greg Johnston profile photoGreg Johnston '13, Episcopal Priest​​​​​​​
Thesis Title: Capability Without Indignity

“I came to Social Studies because I knew it would give me the flexibility to study the things I was passionate about. But as I read and wrote and listened and spoke over the years, the authors and ideas I encountered in Social Studies became less about shaping my research and more about shaping my life, giving me new ways of understanding, living in, and (in a small way) transforming the world. After all, as they say, there's nothing as practical as a good theory.”