Rebecca Podolsky '03

Rebecca Podolsky profile photoObsetrician-Gynecologist

Thesis Title: Uncertain Victory: The Pro-Choice Movement, 1992-2000

I started college not knowing what I wanted to do with my life. Social Studies was a great concentration for me because it allowed me to take many different courses in a variety of subjects, thereby letting me figure out what I was really interested in.

The highlight of my experience in Social Studies was researching and writing my senior thesis about the reproductive rights movement. I loved immersing myself in the subject matter I found so fascinating. Ultimately, this experience also led me (albeit in a pretty roundabout way) to my career in medicine.

I made the decision to go to medical school at some point during my senior year of college, having taken only one pre-requisite science course prior to that.  Although it took me longer to get there because I concentrated in Social Studies (2 years after college spent taking the pre-medical courses), I would not do it any differently given the chance.

I am now an Ob/Gyn practicing general gynecology with a special interest in family planning.  While I can’t say I use what I learned in my Social Studies courses on a daily basis, I do believe that a strong background in the social sciences makes me a better physician.