Philanthropy and Nonprofit

Holden Karnofsky profile photoHolden Karnofsky '03, CEO, Open Philanthropy Project
Thesis Title: Unforced Force

“I'm grateful for the opportunity Social Studies gave me to craft my studies around whatever mix of methodologies best fit the questions about society I was interested in, and I've continued that habit throughout my career.”


Amit Paley profile photoAmit Paley '04, CEO, The Trevor Project
Thesis Title: The Canary in the Coalmine: Economic-Institutional Pressure as a Government Censorship Strategy at the South China Morning Post, 1993-2003

"Social Studies taught me how to think. It made me realize that the world is too complicated to assume that one discipline or philosophy or approach is sufficient to make sense of it. And that certainly no one approach would be sufficient to solve some of the most pressing problems and crises of our time."