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Nicole Newendorp

Assistant Director of Studies for Juniors and Seniors
Lecturer on Social Studies

Dr. Newendorp should be contacted if you are a junior or senior with questions about thesis topics, supervisors, thesis writer workshops or general questions about Social Studies. She is also the contact for sophomores interested in study abroad programs.... Read more about Nicole Newendorp

William James Hall 380
p: 617-496-5819
Bonnie Talbert

Bonnie Talbert

Assistant Director of Studies for Freshmen and Sophomores
Lecturer on Social Studies

Dr. Talbert should be contacted if you are a freshman or sophomore and have questions about the admissions process or the Social Studies program itself. ... Read more about Bonnie Talbert

William James Hall 382
p: 617-496-5178
Don Tontiplaphol

Don Tontiplaphol

Course Director
Preceptor in Social Studies

As the Course Director for the Sophomore Tutorial—SOC-STD 10—Dr. Tontiplaphol can be contacted with questions regarding the general content of the course as well as its administrative aspects.... Read more about Don Tontiplaphol

William James Hall 384
p: 617-496-1750
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Rob Willison

Lecturer on Social Studies

Rob Willison is a Lecturer on Social Studies. He is a philosopher with broad interests, but his recent research has focused on...

Read more about Rob Willison